FOMO & The Return to Our Inner Compass

Do you sense that there is something more, something is missing?

This sense is a good thing, a very good thing- we need this sense to open our eyes to the possibility that something isn’t working. And indeed- if we are living and participating in this culture- your intuition is right- something is absolutely amiss. As a society, we have missed the mark. Progress defined by material wealth. Corporate emptiness. Environmental disaster.

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What is Psychotherapy Anyway?

Anyone else feel like their soul is starving? In a world that is whirring by in a series of fragmented events, news feeds, screens, text messages, with intermittent periods of sleep, we are constantly being taken outside of ourselves. We can easily fool ourselves that we are being nourished by our jam packed schedule, or spending time on social media.

Psychotherapy, as tending to the soul, is where space is held for you.

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Doing VS Being: The Plight of our Generation

Now, there is something that we need to reflect on. This is not just a social media, having the entire cyber world in our pockets, problem. This is not happening in a vacuum. We live in a society obsessed with productivity as a marker of self worth. Our to-do lists are running our lives, we forget that we created them and not the other way around.

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Stepping out of Projection and into Human Relationship

Remember growing up and watching Cinderella, Snow White, or the Little Mermaid? Snow white singing some day her prince will come? Who doesn't love a tear jerking romantic comedy? As we grow up most of us have these images in our minds and beings that romance will sweep us off our feet, it will make us happy, fix what we feel is wrong in our lives, and we will live happily ever after. 

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