Therapeutic Yoga

Why yoga?

Stress, emotions, and memory are held in the body's cells and tissues. It is important to address well being on a physical level as our minds may or may not be conscious of what our bodies are holding.

By turning inward while releasing stress and tension in the body, we are able to bring ourselves from a mind based to a body focused awareness. we can listen to what our bodies are holding, take this wisdom and bridge it into our everyday lives. Yoga helps us get under the stories we tell ourselves, peel back layers of conditioning, and access an internal guidance leading to greater clarity, calm, and sense of well being.

What can I expect?

You may be wondering what a counselling session combined with yoga tools looks like. Here is a breakdown of what you may see in an integrated session: 

Centring. This generally happens at the beginning of a session. Sitting with eyes closed or a soft gaze,  we focus on each of the following separately: breath, body sensations, and what is going on around you in your external world. We notice what stands out for you in each of these categories and bring them together, perhaps setting an intention for what you need to get out of the session.

During the session we may use yoga props such as bolsters, blocks, blankets, yoga straps, and eye pillows to bring you into restorative poses which will both focus on releasing stress in the body and turning your awareness deeper inward. 


While in the poses we dialogue much like a regular counselling session, however we focus on the inward experience. For example noticing sensations, emotions, and images, being aware of how your body reacts to certain topics. 

In this way we move towards the emotions rather than pushing them aside or locking them away. We allow whatever emotions and thoughts that come up to have a safe, contained space  to express themselves and to be heard. We can dialogue with these sensations, emotions, or images to see what they need and how to best integrate these parts of ourselves into everyday life. When we start to pay attention to what these parts of ourselves need, this process can shift the way we relate to ourselves and the world, increasing self worth, confidence, and overall life satisfaction. 

Integration. To conclude our session, sitting with eyes closed or with a soft gaze, we scroll through your experience of the session and notice what has stood out for you and any insights that have come up.  You are invited to come up with a tangible plan to integrate these insights into your next few days, bridging your inner work in session with your everyday life. 

It's up to you.

It's up to you if you would like to incorporate yoga into your sessions, often how much yoga we incorporate depends on the given day and what you bring to session. I offer a free 30 minute consultation to answer any questions you may have. 

"I have taken your last couple classes at green room and it is really some of the best yoga I've experienced......You are wonderful and have already helped me so much!" - SL