Fees are based on the recommendations of the BC Association of Clinical Counsellors fee schedule.

30 minute initial consultation: Free

60 minute counselling session with Sophia: Sliding scale $40-$70

60 minute counselling session with Liana: $140.00 + GST


“Your perspective, gifts and training are such a unique and powerful combination for healing. I'm grateful that we had a chance to work together.”- KR

"…very happy to send them your way. Everyone always comes back with glowing reviews of you. I’m glad they’re as happy with their visits as I’ve been. Steven and I are doing great & awaiting the arrival of our little girl. You were a big help in my happiness & cant thank you enough." - SY

“Liana is a patient, insightful and multi-faceted counsellor and I'd highly recommend her for group or individual work.”- AT

“Awesome human being- caring, compassionate, intentional and conscious. I feel fortunate to count her as a friend and colleague.”- FN

“Liana is grounded with a calm and innate ability to attune to her patient's needs. She provides a therapeutic space for the recalling and reclaiming of fragmented or lost soul parts.” - AC

“…it’s lifted a big weight off my shoulders, I feel I am starting to be my self again, be motivated and I’m starting to get excited about my future again! “ - LT